Imagery where and when you need it

If you’ve ever used satellite and street view imagery on popular map apps, you’ve probably noticed that the imagery is dated and often too pixelated to get the information you need about a property or location; information that could be critical in a sale or other transaction.

Where do you go to get the images you need today? The common answer is to hire someone to go take images for you, but that solution is expensive and time-consuming. Our solution is quick, easy, and cost-effective. With our ENHANCE Imagery Crowdsourcing platform, ordering the imagery you need is just a few clicks away. And with our standardized imagery collection process, you will always receive the same high-quality imagery no matter who captures it for you. 

Drone Imagery

Ordering high-resolution drone imagery has never been so easy. Customers can either quickly draw a polygon on our map or upload a spatial file from GIS with one or more polygons (shp, geojson, kml, kmz) to request imagery. We create our own automated flight plans, so that high-quality imagery is collected the same way, no matter who flies for us.


With near real-time 360° imagery from the street level, there’s no need to rely on dated street view or satellite imagery anymore. Whether you’re interested in buying a property, investigating an insurance claim, or just want to know more about a location; up-to-date imagery is just a few clicks away.  

Gamification meets the gig economy

According to Forbes, in 2018 nearly 57 million workers in the US were working side jobs in the gig economy. Many companies are simplifying their processes so that they are easily fulfilled by an average temporary worker by utilizing on improved automation and mobile app technology. We’ve done the same. We’ve simplified the complicated process of ordering and collecting imagery so that anyone can do it. 

Who are our collectors and why do they do it?  We’ve gamified the image-collection process so that users who contribute requested imagery are awarded virtual rewards that can be collected and converted to cash or other items such as cryptocurrency or game credits on major platforms. Collecting imagery with us is as fun as it is rewarding!