Location-specific imagery from today, not years ago.

When you need eyes on the ground right now, ENHANCE takes you there. Drone and smartphone imagery and mapping on-demand.

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Created 21 Aug, 2019
Created 14 Aug, 2019
Our Mission

We will democratize location intelligence by creating the world’s first on-demand drone and smartphone imagery platform and leveraging the ubiquity of consumer drones and smartphones around the globe.

Smartphone Imagery

Augmented reality queues help paypixl users find, navigate to, and collect imagery at published imagery tasks. When a user arrives at a precise task location, they capture 360° image panoramas.

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Drone Imagery

Users with compatible drones can find, navigate to, and upload available flightplans to their drones. Our patent pending process generates flightplans internally from the customer order, mitigating the variability.

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Open Source Image Repository

We’ve built something incredible and it would be a shame if we didn’t share it with the world. We want paypixl users to always have an opportunity to collect imagery around them, even in areas where there isn’t current.

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Become a cryptocurrency investor with just a few minutes of your time with paypixl, the free app that pays you to take pictures with your phone.

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Order drone and smartphone imagery and visualize it on a map all in one place.

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