ENHANCE Imagery Platform

The ENHANCE Imagery platform allows customers to order drone and smartphone imagery on-demand and in real-time.

The ENHANCE Imagery platform combines user collected imagery with other data sources (satellite, aerial, OpenStreetMaps) to provide a level of locational and situational awareness like never before. Now you can see through the eyes of locals in real time, where and when you need to.

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360° Smartphone Imagery

Smartphone imagery is captured as 360° panoramas through our mobile app, paypixl. Augmented reality queues help paypixl users find available imagery collection tasks and guide the user through the imagery collection process. All imagery is timestamped and georeferenced, so you know exactly when and where it was collected.

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3D and Orthomosaic Drone Imagery

We convert customer drone imagery requests into fully-automated photogrammetric flight plans and automatically deconflict the area with restricted airspace. paypixl users who are commercially certified, and who own compatible drones, can find available flight plans near them. Our automated collection process eliminates pilot variability, resulting in higher quality and more standardized imagery.

Collected imagery is uploaded by the user and then processed into 3D models and georectified orthomosaics that are overlaid onto existing satellite imagery. Our user drone imagery (3cm) has an average of 10 times the resolution of commercial satellite imagery (30cm).

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Blockchain-Based Data Collection

By utilizing distributed ledgers in our data transmission, we ensure that transactions in the imagery collection process are immutable, traceable, and verifiable.

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Global Open-Source Imagery

We are constantly collecting imagery from users around the world. Imagery is time-stamped and georeferenced on a map. The best part? Our open source imagery can be used by anyone for free.

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A New Way to Share and View Imagery

Jump right into the photo taker’s location on a map with an immersive 360° view. Our imagery can be embedded in news articles, blogs, and social media posts. Images are viewable as stand-alone panoramas, and are linked to the exact point on a webmap where the imagery was taken.

Change-Detection Captured by Locals

Get eyes on the ground quickly following major events without having to find people to capture imagery for you. Define custom events to trigger ground collection imagery requests, and we’ll automate the process anytime the event occurs.

Secure, Private Repositories

Subscribed customers have access to secure, private repositories where they can view imagery orders made by their organization. Customers can choose to make their imagery private, preventing visibility to anyone outside of their organization.

Subscription Plans Priced by Data Usage, not Users

Organizations can provide access to any number of users without paying more. Organizations can establish user roles and permissions to limit imagery ordering to select users.

Discounted Subscription Pricing

Discounted collection pricing is available with subscription access. The higher volume the subscription, the more your organization saves per collection.

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